Our International Network


The Thoughtful Path Charity NPC is an independent charitable organisation that has been established to promote and develop an innovative concept aiming to redefine the way vulnerable children are nurtured and supported in poverty-affected communities in South Africa. Developed by Project HOPE UK, part of the international Project HOPE network, The Thoughtful Path Munsieville has, since 2010, been the proving ground for multiple child-focused services, designed to support families and communities to identify and address all the key drivers of poor health and premature death of the most vulnerable children.

With its emphasis on outcomes rather than specific interventions, this flexible approach has led to the formation of a global network of participants, including universities, companies and individuals from over 15 countries in four continents, for example:

Norton Rose Fulbright
Monash University South Africa
East Tennessee State University, USA
Brunel University, UK

The world has influenced developments in Munsieville through this network, and in turn Munsieville and South Africa is influencing the world through shared learning leading to improved lives.