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The Thoughtful Path Munsieville is not just one project, but an array of integrated services all designed to fight the causes and impact of poor health in vulnerable children. Some of the services are medical; many work to prevent children from becoming ill, and others target issues such as poverty, abuse and poor education – key drivers of disease and life-limiting ill health.

We have different volunteering opportunities, in Munsieville, near Krugersdorp in the West Rand, Gauteng Province, South Africa, and others which can utilise your time and skills wherever you live. Check out the following opportunities and if any of them inspire you, get in touch so we can give you full details.

Project volunteers in Munsieville

If you live in or near Munsieville and have a few hours to spare, there are many ways we can put your time to good use, transforming the lives of vulnerable children. Once we have security clearance for you – we undertake careful vetting before we offer you a role, because we always do everything possible to avoid children being exposed to risks and abuse – you could help with play schemes, health campaigns, sports, arts, vegetable gardening or with the delivery of health services. We urgently need to recruit qualified nurses as volunteers at Hope Park Children’s Health Campus.

Corporate volunteering

From its inception, The Thoughtful Path Munsieville has been supported by incredible people who have volunteered through their company CSR/CSI programme. They have provided legal services, medical and technical support, supported children’s festivals and sports activities, and got their hands dirty by helping with vegetable gardening or painting facilities! The overwhelming feedback from the volunteers and their employers has been positive, citing improved team interaction, higher job satisfaction, better interpersonal communication and the excitement of being involved in something that increased the connection of participants with their own humanity. The involvement can also impact the company’s B-BBEE status.

Student placements

For over a decade, students from universities around world have brought major changes to the work of The Thoughtful Path at the same time as supporting their own academic objectives. Undergraduates, and those on masters and doctoral studies programmes from the UK, USA, Trinidad and Tobago, Colombia as well as South Africa, have helped redefine the care of orphans and other vulnerable children. We are eager to work with any students whose interests align with the needs of those we serve. Placements can be in Munsieville, or home based.

Join our Board of Directors

If you have particular skills and experience in health, digital communications, business, community development, human rights and non-profit management, and live in South Africa, and have a little time to invest in the transformation of young lives and the communities in which they live, you could be just the person we need to join the Board of Directors of The Thoughtful Path Charity NPC, helping us fulfil our objective of giving township children the opportunity to grow into healthy, productive adults, equipped to do the same for their children.


Every child is precious and the services they need are costly, so fundraising will always be a big part of what we do. We can utilise your skills and local knowledge wherever you are – in South Africa or anywhere in the world, providing you with the ideas, guidance and opportunities to bring permanent improvements to the lives of children in desperate need, and give you the satisfaction that you have made a real impact on young lives.

If you would like to volunteer with The Thoughtful Path, contact us so that we can discuss the right opportunity for you.